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About Me

My name is Mike Riccardi and I am a musicaholic.

No seriously though… I am an avid listener of every genre, always searching to find new sounds to please my eardrums. I play guitar and have a strong passion for playing the blues, but I equally enjoy electronic sounds, hip hop, classical symphonies, and even metal tracks and country. My passion doesn’t end there, though. I appreciate fine art- especially the abstract. I enjoy painting, and creating mosaics and glass artwork, and recording my own music. I am also in the process of writing an interactive story for the web.

The universe has chosen me to be a computer guy. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

For several years I owned an IT support and consulting company in Norwich, CT called ‘Crash Clinic Computers’. It was a great experience to own and operate a company. I learned a lot about business and marketing, and met many challenges. I was largely successful, but despite my best efforts my modest means kept me from growing beyond the one-man army status that is so common to small business in 2016.

I presently work by day as an IT support Specialist, as I pursue an education in web development. I spend my nights blogging, writing fiction, and crafting small Javascript and web projects.


Computers are my life. 

I’ve been eating, sleeping, and coding since 1980-something. I was upgrading and overclocking 486 computers to play doom and quake in the 90’s, and I was probably the first kid on my block to dial in to an internet service or BBS system. I’ve always been interested in all-things tech.

I love to hear from my readers!

If you’d like to contact me: