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Software Developer

RoboRadio for Android

Music Streaming app written in JavaScript, jQuery

Crash Clinic Linux

Linux Distribution for pentesting, hardware troubleshooting, and development

E commerce platform Demo

Ecommerce Platform w/CMS

Codeigniter MVC, mySQL, jQuery, Ajax, Kendo UI MVVM

Mom's on the Edge Photography

CSS animation, Bootstrap 3, Landing Page

Giordano Restoration

CSS animation, Bootstrap 3, Landing page

Leon's Pizza - Westbrook CT

Bootstrap 3, CSS, Wordpress, Restaurant Menu Site

The Project Guy LLC

Bootstrap 3, CSS animations, Landing Page

Peter Christie - IT Consultant

Bootstrap 3, CSS animations, Landing Page

Vin Stella AIA

CSS animation, Bootstrap 3, Landing Page

Dalice Elizabeth Winery

PHP, Wordpress, CSS

Michael Riccardi

Mike Riccardi

Software Developer

Let's build something, together!

Personal Bio

My name is Mike Riccardi. I love developing software, and learning new technologies. I wrote my first "Hello World" at age 7 on my parents Apple IIe in 1988. From that moment on my passion for computers grew exponentially. I learned HTML, photoshop, and linux as a teen. In high school I studied accounting and business law in addition to digital imaging, video editing, and computers. By age 20 I had sampled many linux distros and grown familiar with the command line interface and continued to dabble with html, computer hardware, and operating systems. At age 22 I became a podcasting pioneer producing a weekly comedy audio podcast using my web design and computer editing skills. Throughout my twenties I held several management positions, and also worked as an accounting clerk. I eventually grew tired of the repetitive nature of accounting, and At age 30 I opened Crash Clinic Computers in 2011, my first startup. The Crash Clinic was a great experience for me, and it was a modestly successful company. Reaching over 1000 customers at it's peak, it served the southeastern CT area's residential and commercial IT support needs. During my time operating the Crash Clinic I developed a Linux distro for quickly diagnosing computer hardware and network issues, which is currently in version 3.1 and available as a free download. In 2016 I made the decision to sell the Crash Clinic to a friendly competitor, to establish more free time to pursue my education in web and software development. I enrolled and completed many online university classes and tutorials to quickly become a skillful developer. In June of 2017 I released a music-streaming app called RoboRadio. Since April of 2016 I have enjoyed success as a freelance full-stack developer. I am interested in W2 employment opportunities in the CT/MA/RI area.

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